Our success stories

Our success stories are proof of 22 years of experience. We have completed over 2,000 projects with industrial and commercial companies at more than 850 locations in Germany and abroad.

Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for GRILLO-Werke AG


Erstellung Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs)

GRILLO has decided to create product carbon footprints as part of its sustainability goals, to strengthen its competitiveness and to meet customer requirements.

Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for Heubach Group

Heubach GmbH

Calculation of Product Carbon Footprints

As part of its climate strategy, the company wanted to create PCFs. Due to the extensive product portfolio and complex production processes, external expertise was required.

Digital Energy efficiency monitoring with EnEffCo® at KME Germany

KME Germany GmbH

Implementation of EnEffCo®

EnEffCo® is a solution for digital Energy efficiency monitoring that has been in use at the Osnabrück site with over 3,000 metering points since 2021. In addition to monitoring and benchmarking, KME uses EnEffCo® to optimize costs and save resources.

Exploit energy-saving potential with EnEffReg

Bayer Pharma AG

EnEffReg® for ventilation systems

Bayer’s Berlin plant (Pharmaceuticals Division) was looking for a software solution to unlock the efficiency potential of its laboratory ventilation systems and reduce energy costs permanently.

Cogeneration Plants control with EnEffCo®

Jack Link’s Europe GmbH

Cogeneration Plants control with EnEffCo®

Jack Link’s identified automated control of the CHP units, taking into account the market situation, as a significant potential for improvement. Against this background, ÖKOTEC investigated the forecasting and evaluation of flexibilities in plant operation.

Almatis GmbH

Climate protection with carbon footprints

To strengthen competitiveness and to meet customer requirements, PCFs and CCFs were calculated. Due to the complexity of the product portfolio, external expertise was required.

Climate-neutral coffee production


Sustainability and climate protection strategy

By 2030, the CAFEA Group aims to produce coffee in a more climate-friendly way. To achieve this, a sustainability and climate protection strategy has been drawn up. Find out what challenges the CAFEA Group is facing in the process.

DUO PLAST setzt Transformationskonzept zur Klimaneutralität um


Funded concept for climate neutrality

As part of its sustainability strategy, the company is striving for climate neutrality and was looking for an experienced partner with technical and methodological know-how to develop a government-funded transformation concept.

Process optimization in rock wool production

Deutsche Rockwool GmbH & Co. KG

Process Optimization with EnEffCo®

Rockwool was seeking an energy efficiency controlling software to identify energy efficiency fluctuations between different product batches and to improve its ISO 50001-certified energy management system.

Ornua Deutschland GmbH

Load Management Refrigeration Systems

At the company’s German distribution hub, refrigeration systems ensure dairy products are stored at legally required temperatures. Ambient weather conditions are a major driver of refrigeration energy demands, demand spikes previously led to considerable declines in system efficiency.

Energy management and production analysis at Speira

Speira GmbH

Energy management and production analysis

Due to increasing customer needs, Speira was on the lookout for a software application that could serve as a traditional energy management solution while also enabling specific types of analysis to be performed.

Mercedes-Benz AG

Automated control and regulation of plants

The Mercedes-Benz German production site Berlin Marienfelde was looking for a software that would allow it to improve both the transparency of utility consumption and also data quality, as well as identifying savings potential.

Innospec Leuna GmbH

Flexible Load Management

Innospec has been using EnEffCo® at the Leuna Industrial Park since 2016 for targeted load management to reduce power grid usage fees. EnEffCo® continues to be used for integrated energy monitoring solution to enhance flexibility and efficiency.

Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR)

Establishment of an intelligent charging infrastructure

BSR was in need of a charging infrastructure solution for its electric vehicle fleet, which is currently under expansion. In addition to taking the requirements of the energy transition into account, this solution would need to be future-oriented, cost-optimized, and consider all usage requirements of the EV-fleet.

Moll Marzipan GmbH

More energy efficiency through networks

The Moll Marzipan Berlin factory site identified significant savings measures through network participation with initial energy consulting. The implementation of the energy concept took place in particular in the areas of insulation, cooling and regulation.

INEOS Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

Identification of savings opportunities

At the INEOS plant in Cologne, we conducted an energy analysis in ten operating units. We identified and quantified optimization potentials in control, heating and refrigeration, among other things, via a baseline model using our EnEffCo® software.

ETA-Fabrik Flexibilitätskonzept

ETA-Fabrik, TU Darmstadt

Optimized operation of power generation plants

As part of the Phi Factory R&D project, the Technical University of Darmstadt is developing new methods of making power plant operation more flexible and energy efficiency. ÖKOTEC assisted with the forecasting and assessment of flexibility potentials for two cogeneration plants with combined heat storage.

SMP Deutschland GmbH

Energy efficiency for a paint shop

In factory 2 extensive energy efficiency measures have been implemented, leading to a reduction in the gas consumption for heat generation for the room- and car-wash plant by 53 percent, as well as a reduction of the electricity consumption for cooling supply by 33 percent.

Wasserverbund Niederrhein GmbH

Energy efficiency monitoring based on KPIs

Wasserverbund Niederrhein needed a software solution to support the operation of their energy management system according to ISO 50001. EnEffCo® enables the real-time monitoring of systems, the systematic identification of further potential for energy savings, and the automatic generation of reports

Veolia Deutschland Industriepark GmbH

Monitoring of systems and automated reports

Veolia needed a software solution that would enable it to analyze the efficiency of its systems, to quickly recognize increased consumption based on live data, and to generate status reports in conformance with ISO 50001.

WELA-Plast GmbH

Making energy management more efficient

WELA-Plast needed a software solution for energy efficiency monitoring to improve their energy management system certified according to ISO 50001. EnEffCo® enables the systematic recording and analysis of production and energy data to identify savings potential.

City Clean GmbH & Co. KG

Benchmarking and energy management

City Clean was looking for a software solution that would enable it to continually improve the energy efficiency of its business operations. Two specific goals were to implement efficiency benchmarks for its drying facilities as well as to monitor and manage energy consumption in its vehicle fleet.

Städtische Werke Nürnberg GmbH, N-ERGIE AG

Comprehensive energy efficiency monitoring

The company was looking for a software solution to increase the effectiveness of their energy management. A chief requirement was for the software to enable comprehensive energy efficiency controlling, especially at the subsidiary N-ERGIE.

EWUS Effiziente Wärme- und Stromlieferung GmbH

Creation of a measurement and KPI system

EWUS was looking for an intelligent software solution that would allow it to manage and comprehensively analyze heating system efficiency, including individual components (boilers, burners, pumps, heating circuits, etc.), in order to determine savings potential.