Collaboration is key

Energy efficiency networks

Business networks that facilitate collaborative activities and knowledge sharing are crucial for the attainment of climate action goals. In cooperation with the private sector, the German government hopes to establish up to 350 new business networks dedicated to energy efficiency and climate action by 2025. It is anticipated that such networks will trigger greenhouse gas savings of approximately 6 million tons per year.

ÖKOTEC has been networking companies in the field of energy efficiency for over twenty years

Steffen Held Team Sales & Project Management

Moderator of Networks “Netzwerke Hanse” and “Nord-Ost”

Steffen Held

I have been organizing and moderating networks since 2006. I burn for this fulfilling task every day. Through networking, I encourage conversations, open doors to innovations and mobilize for more energy efficiency and climate protection.

Business networks and their benefits

What is an energy efficiency network?

An energy efficiency network is a forum for the targeted exchange of knowledge and ideas that typically encompasses a dozen or so companies or sites. Participating organizations typically meet 3–4 times a year over a 3–4 year period. Are you interested in:

Energy-efficiency networks are ideal forums for professionals to share information on energy issues. They help companies to lower energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and meet the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard.

The Initiative for Energy Efficiency Networks was founded by leading industry associations at the end of 2014. In January 2021, as part of an alliance between the German government and industry associations, its mission was expanded to include climate action and clean energy, and it was renamed the Initiative for Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Networks (IEEKN). The figure below shows the goals and activities of the IEEKN (© IEEKN).

Energy efficiency and climate protection networks


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Bringing people together

Our networking activities

We have initiated over fifty business networks since our founding. We collaborate with a wide range of companies, industry associations, and other business forums, and offer a range of networking opportunities.

Getting involved

Interested in taking part?

We currently support 10 networks in the IEEKN, and additional networks are being planned. Participation in one of our networks typically involves the following elements:

  • 3–4 network meetings per year over a period of 3–4 years
  • Custom consulting and/or review meetings
  • Determination of a savings target for the network
  • Implementation of monitoring for the duration of the network
  • Support for network activities and telephone-based support

Our networks at a glance

Presentation and sponsoring association

Are you looking for an expert to present on technical topics?

Our team presents on various topics at networking events and professional gatherings over 60 times each year. Popular presentation topics include:

  • Energy-efficiency metrics and mediating factors
  • Climate action management and corporate carbon footprints
  • Technical transformation strategies
  • Heat pumps and storage solutions for heating and cooling
  • Subsidies, regulatory changes, and the new government funding program for green transformation

Associations and organizations

Would you like to initiate and establish a network?

Do you work at an association or organization that would like to start an energy efficiency and climate action network? We are ready to provide targeted support for your initiative. Specifically, we can help you to design the network, contact potential participants, draft membership contracts, organize network events, and monitor network activities. We have managed networks for over 5 industry associations since 2015.

  • Network design and partner integration
  • Acquisition of participating companies; drafting of network membership contracts
  • Organization and moderation of network events
  • Implementation of consulting events and expert presentations; network goal determination and monitoring
  • Communications and PR

Trailblazer in climate action

Award for ÖKOTEC Network Hanse

In the fall of 2020, the ÖKOTEC network Hanse was recognized as a “Pioneering Network for Climate Action” by the German Ministry of the Environment.

ÖKOTEC launches networks for energy efficiency

ÖKOTEC launches five networks in 2021

Energy efficiency networks have been an integral part of ÖKOTEC’s business since its beginnings over 22 years ago. Over 50 networks have been accompanied by our team of experts in various roles.

We look forward to seeing you at the next network event.

Steffen Held Team Sales & Project Management

Steffen Held

Senior Account & Project Manager

Mareike Hoffmann Team Marketing and Business Development

Mareike Hoffmann

Head of Climate Management & Communications