Mission statement

Our mission and values

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to limiting climate change, to enabling the success of the clean-energy transition, and to accelerate the decarbonization of the economy. Since 1999 the name ÖKOTEC has been synonymous with innovative climate action in the private sector.

Together with our customers and partners, we strive to set a positive example. In all of our cooperative undertakings, we aim to minimize resource consumption to what is necessary or advisable from a holistic perspective.

We are committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards in the following areas of activity:

Ensuring customers satisfaction and quality

We place a key focus on customer satisfaction. In all of our activities, we seek to advance the interests and goals of our customers, providing high-quality services as part of a trusting collaborative relationship. Our dedicated team of highly skilled employees systematically applies a range of tools and techniques to make a lasting contribution to our customer’s value-chain.

Developing cutting-edge solutions

We design and offer cutting-edge solutions to enable businesses to become more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. We continually work to improve our solutions in application-oriented R&D projects. Our contribution to a more sustainable future hinges on a combination of our multidisciplinary know-how, technical expertise, passion, and creativity.

Investing in our team

Ensuring that our team is motivated, satisfied, and highly skilled is a cornerstone of our corporate culture and a key component of our success. We prioritize a healthy work/life balance, personal and professional development, and opportunities for employee participation.