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The German government’s climate protection program encompasses funding programs, incentives and regulatory measures. In addition to the “Federal Promotion for Energy and Resource Efficiency in Business (EEW)”, the Refrigeration Climate Protection Directive is worthwhile considering for companies to leverage efficiency potentials and to invest in new technologies at lower costs. We have compiled the most important information for you. Note: The subsidy programs mentioned here are only available to companies in Germany.

Promotion of efficiency and climate protection measures

ÖKOTEC – combining expertise in efficiency and public subsidies

Benefits of working with us

  • Whether individual measures or comprehensive support: ÖKOTEC accompanies you according to your needs and taking into account the appropriate subsidy programs
  • Benefit from our experience and our specific know-how – manufacturer-independent and always up-to-date
  • Optimize your costs through the implementation of eligible measures

Efficiency and climate protection measures are even more economical thanks to rising energy and CO2 prices and attractive subsidy conditions.

Our team is experienced in the identification and application of funding programs with various project sponsors in Germany and abroad. We are listed with the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), among others, and are authorized to prepare the necessary savings concepts for funding applications. Furthermore, we are experienced in the application processes for high-investment innovations for the decarbonization of industry.

Through our systematic approach – and in close cooperation with you – we leverage potentials for energy efficiency, energy savings and reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

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How climate protection pays off

Calculator for climate protection investments (German)

Do you know how much you can save funds with climate protection in your company? Find out how you can evaluate the profitability of investments and take advantage of subsidies. The calculator tool for climate protection investments helps you with a professional investment evaluation, shows potential savings as well as interest and payback periods, and takes investment subsidies into account.

Federal funding for energy and resource efficiency

Optimization of plants, processes, process heat and software

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) has further developed the funding guideline for energy and resource efficiency as of November 01, 2021. The funding package “Federal funding for energy and resource efficiency in the economy” is open to all sectors and technologies.

Companies can choose between different modules and funding priorities: from the promotion of energy-efficient cross-sectional technologies to the generation and conversion of renewable energies for process heat to a strategic concept for perspective climate neutrality. 

Module 1

Cross-sectional technologies

High-efficiency stationary equipment or units as replacements or new purchases, e.g., electric motors, pumps, fans, compressed air equipment

30% (or 40% for SMEs) of eligible costs,
max. 200,000 euros per project.

Module 2

Process heat from renewable energies

Replacement or new acquisition of equipment for the supply of process heat (> 50 %) from solar collector systems, heat pumps or biomass systems

45% (or 55 % for SMEs) of eligible costs,
max. 15 million euros per project.

Module 3

Measurement and control technology,
Sensors and energy management software

Automatische Anlagensteuerung mit EnEffReg
License fee for energy management software as well as acquisition and installation of measurement and control technology and sensors for integration into an energy management system

30 % (or 40 % for SMEs) of eligible costs,
max. 15 million euros per project.

Module 4

Energy-related optimization of
Plants and processes

Energy and resource optimization of production plants and processes

30 % (or 40 % for SMEs) of eligible costs,
max. 500 euros (or 900 euros for SMEs) per ton of CO2 saved annually, max. 15 million euros per project.

General conditions

Funding competition: grant of up to 60 % of eligible costs

Another funding option with higher funding rates is offered by the “Funding Competition” program as part of the federal EEW funding. In various competition rounds each year, you have the opportunity to submit your project and receive up to 10 million euros per project. In a two-stage procedure, the projects with the best funding efficiency are awarded the contract (1st preliminary review of the project outline, 2nd application).

Head of Energy Efficiency (EnEff)

Dr. Kirsten Kubin

“We shed light on the funding jungle, find the right funding program for your technology or process innovation and support you in the application process.”

Dr. Kirsten Kubin Team Energieeffizienz

Module 5

Funding module Transformation Concepts

Neu: Strategisches Konzept zur Klimaneutralität

The new funding program “Transformation Concepts” is a separate funding item in the EEW program, which supports companies on their way to climate neutrality. You will receive a funding rate of 50% or 60% (SMEs) for your concept, the maximum funding amount is 80,000 euros (grant). The project duration is a maximum of 12 months, focussing either on one company location or the company as a whole.

The strategic concept includes the following mandatory contents:

  • Greenhouse gas balance
  • Greenhouse gas reduction target of at least 40 % for the next ten years
  • Action plan for achieving the target
  • Savings concept for at least one investment measure
  • Embedding the concept in the organization

Resource efficiency

New: Subsidy for reduction of material consumption

Under the new resource efficiency funding item, investments in equipment that result in lower material consumption are also eligible for funding in the EEW.

  • Subsidy of selected material savings and changes.
  • List of approx. 200 materials + CO2 factors
  • Same funding conditions as for energy efficiency

Promotion of measurement and control technology and software for energy management

Do you want to digitize your energy management and receive up to 15 million euros in funding?

Then module 3 is the right funding module for you. For the purchase and installation of measurement and control technology, sensors, and software licenses, you can receive a subsidy of 30 % or 40 % (for SMEs) with Module 3. We will be happy to support you with a key figures and measurement concept. Tip: With our EnEffCo® software solution, you can analyze, optimize and control plants and processes on the basis of key performance indicators, systematically improve energy-related performance and document evidence of measures.

Refrigeration and climate directive of the Federal Ministry of the Environment

Climate-friendly refrigeration and air conditioning systems

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment has amended the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Directive as of December 01, 2020. Companies receive a subsidy for investing in climate-friendly refrigeration and air-conditioning systems that are highly energy-efficient and operate exclusively with natural refrigerants.

  • Stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems with non-halogenated refrigerants
  • Refurbishment and new construction of stationary applications
  • Funding amount depends on application and temperature level, max. 150,000 euros per application

Success story

Real laboratories of the energy transition

In its 7th energy research program, the German government has established the “real laboratories of the energy transition” as a new funding format. A client of ÖKOTEC is one of the winners of the idea’s competition. Following the initial funding check the project sponsor was contacted, the project description developed and a full application completed.

Strategic funding consulting

Concept development and application for process innovations

Our customers from industry regularly call on our expertise when applying for funding for complex research and development and innovation projects. Are you planning process innovations or product substitutions? Based on our experience with technical concepts and projects with ministries and project sponsors, we have developed a three-stage process that supports companies depending on their initial situation and objectives. Note: Subsidy consulting can only take place for companies based in Germany.

Phase 1: Funding check
  • Assessment of the prospect of eligibility for funding
  • Workshop, research on funding
  • Assessment and recommendation
Phase 2: Project outline
  • Structuring and development of a promising project outline.
  • Prerequisite: Technical concept is available
Phase 3: Project proposal
  • Expansion of the project outline to a complete project application
  • Accompanying the coordination with ministries and project sponsors
  • Participation in / consulting during internal coordination

Are you interested? We look forward to hearing from you!

Steffen Held Team Sales & Project Management

Steffen Held

Senior Account & Project Manager

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