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The German manufacturing and service sectors are responsible for some 40 % of national energy-related GHG emissions. Decarbonizing these sectors will be essential for meeting Germany’s climate action goals. Yet companies face a host of issues when seeking to become more efficient and reduce their carbon footprints, including questions related to waste heat recovery, heating system electrification, on-site renewables generation, and the substitution of fossil fuels. These measures are not only beneficial for the environment; they can also deliver considerable cost savings.

Energy and resource management

ÖKOTEC – Experts in energy efficiency

Benefits when partnering with us

  • Cutting-edge expertise and manufacturer-independent advice
  • Transparent analysis of your cost-savings potential
  • Solutions that bring significant economic benefits in the face of rising energy and carbon prices
  • Assistance with accessing government subsidies for your efficiency project
  • Optimization of your business expenditures

Our multidisciplinary experts are ready to provide you with technical consulting services targeted to your needs, from an initial assessment of your energy consumption and savings potential to a roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality. 

We always take the “big picture” into account, considering all relevant aspects of your operations, including energy and material flows, options for on-site generation, and optimized energy procurement – as well as associated interdependencies. As part of our systematic planning process, we also consider all relevant laws and regulations, including government subsidy options.

Through our systematic approach – and in close cooperation with you – we leverage potentials for energy efficiency, energy savings and reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

Energy analysis

Taking stock of your operations

The first step to optimizing your efficiency is to analyze the energy consumption and GHG emissions of your company. To this end, we review available data and carry out an inventory of your systems and processes. As an outcome of this analysis you receive a clear summary of potential measures and necessary investments, including associated costs and benefits. Key components of our analysis:

  • Assessment of your energy procurement
  • Preparation of an energy inventory, including a diagram of energy flows
  • Demand-profile analysis to determine potential savings
  • Pinch analysis for the evaluation of potential waste-heat recovery
  • Decarbonization options

Energy audits

Regulatory compliance

The German Energy Services Act (EDL-G) requires companies to conduct an energy audit every four years. Our auditors would be happy to perform a compliance audit of your entire organization or individual production sites in accordance with the DIN EN 16247 standard. This includes:

  • Data collection
  • On-site visit
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Discussion of findings

Identification of savings measures

Moll Marzipan GmbH

Moll Marzipan is a German producer of raw marzipan and persipan with some 80 employees. ISO 50001 certified since 2015, the company has been collaborating with ÖKOTEC to further enhance its energy management system.

Energy supply solutions

Optimizing your physical plant

For the optimization of the existing plant or in preparation for the planning of a new plant construction, we develop energy- and cost-efficient solutions for the supply and media distribution for e.g. heat, cold or compressed air. Our solutions consider the optimal strategy for energy procurement and/or on-site generation, as well as your heating, cooling, and pressurized air needs. Our solutions are always tailored to the specific challenges faced by our clients. Among other things, we provide for:

  • Analysis of the status-quo situation and energy needs, including the creation of typical demand profiles
  • Calculation of different energy supply scenarios while considering relevant mediating factors
  • Consideration of customer-specific requirements, such as factors influencing production steps, control technology requirements, and changes to the production process
  • Development of a customized energy supply solution, including cost/benefit assessments and SWOT analysis

Innovative solutions

Heat recovery and waste heat integration

The recovery of waste heat from industrial processes is a highly compelling option for companies seeking to boost their energy efficiency. Yet identifying and analyzing on-site heat sources and sinks are complex tasks. Take advantage of our systematic assessment process, which is guided by our many years of experience.

  • Analysis of heat sources and sinks to calculate heat quantities, temporal availabilities, temperature levels, and spatial distances
  • Process heat recovery is prioritized over external waste heat recovery
  • Consideration of customer-specific requirements, such as hydraulic system integration, control technologies, and modifications to production
  • Development of customized solutions, including cost/benefit analysis and recommendations for action

Pinch analysis: AI-automated heat management

As part of Food Pinch, an R&D project being undertaken in collaboration with RWTH Aachen University, ÖKOTEC is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to manage heat sources and sinks in the food industry, thus reducing energy consumption.

Senior Consultant

Sylvia Jacobi

I bring my analytical skills, creativity, and experience from over 20 years of professional practice to bear on every project. I’m motivated by the desire to see satisfied customers while also contributing to climate protection.

Sylvia Jacobi Team Energieeffizienz

Government subsidy support

When analyzing the potential for optimization at your company, we also consider the possibility of obtaining funding from federal or state government subsidy programs.

Matching funding for corporate climate action

The German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection is currently covering up to 50% of economic-efficiency expenditures made by companies in order to promote industrial energy efficiency and catalyze the transition to climate neutrality.

Open-access white paper

Refrigerant phase-down

  • Background information and opportunities associated with new fluorinated-gas regulations
  • What to look for when choosing a refrigerant
  • What to consider when converting your technical systems

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