New cooling system concept

CO2 savings in industrial cooling system concept

CO2 saving industry through cooling system concept

Through a holistic energy optimization of their cooling system, DUO PLAST AG now saves 575 tons of CO2 per year in foil production. ÖKOTEC supports this flagship project of the German Energy Agency with its expertise.

New cooling system concept achieves high savings

ÖKOTEC expert Richard Cluse and his team carried out comprehensive measurements and calculative estimates over several days in order to determine the required cooling capacity for demand-oriented system planning.

The old refrigeration system was expanded over the years to keep up with the production expansion. In order to optimize the system holistically in terms of energy, six refrigeration systems are being replaced by a central refrigeration system. In the future, the majority of the cooling demand will be covered by free cooling and the natural refrigerant propane will be used.

Richard Cluse, Leading Consultant, ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH

Role models in climate protection

With the “Lighthouses CO2 Savings in Industry” projects, the German Energy Agency (dena) shows how energy and CO2 savings can be achieved in production. Since process cooling in plastics processing and other industrial sectors is very energy-intensive, the measures implemented can be transferred to other industrial operations.

Read the entire report on the project here DUO PLAST AG – Holistic optimization of the cooling system for foil production (available in German)

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