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Research and development

Our mission is to equip companies with advanced digital solutions that enable flexible energy management as well as greater ecological and economic efficiency. This is what we strive for in our research and development projects together with scientific institutions and industry partners. The experience, dedication, and creativity of ÖKOTEC employees are key factors for the success of such projects.

The R&D origins of EnEffCo®

Our proprietary EnEffCo® software represents the outcome of numerous R&D projects, and is now one of the best energy-efficiency monitoring and management solutions commercially available.

EnEffCo® is a highly adaptable solution that can be used for a variety of applications, including energy system monitoring, ISO 50001 standard implementation, and flexible energy management (e.g. including EV charging).

Knut Grabowski Team Energieeffizienz-Controlling

Head of EnEffCo® Research & Development

Knut Grabowski

At ÖKOTEC I have the opportunity to develop and improve new solutions within the scope of a multidisciplinary team – as well as to assess their effectiveness in industry applications.

Current projects

Heat energy meets AI


ÖKOTEC and Fraunhofer IPK are developing a powerful networking platform in the R&D project “EnEffNet” which will enable companies to implement innovative efficiency approaches more cost-effectively in the future.

As part of the project the networking platform is tested jointly with industry partners and integrates all relevant operating and planning data, enabling end-to-end management. EnEffNet is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and will run for three years.

Funding reference number: 03 EN4023A-D

EnEffNet - Digital networking platform for efficiency solutions

Food Pinch

As part of the Food Pinch R&D project, which is being undertaken in collaboration with RWTH Aachen University, ÖKOTEC is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to manage heat sources and sinks in the food industry, thus reducing energy consumption.

The four-year R&D project is funded by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

Funding reference number: 03EN2031A


As part of a collaboration between Darmstadt Technical University, ÖKOTEC, and various industry partners, the KI4ETA R&D project is exploring the use of new energy technologies and applications.

The project develops solutions for the energy-efficient, flexibly operated, and digitally networked factory of the future. The project team is working to create an integrated, AI-based digital platform. The three-year project is funded by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and the Jülich Research Center.

Funding reference number: 03SIN522

Head of Energy Markets

Arne Grein

EnEffCo® enables the digital, automated, and cost-efficiency operation of industrial facilities. This provides a basis for robust SWOT analysis – and informed technology investment decisions.”

Arne Grein Team Energieeffizienz-Controlling


R&D projects since ÖKOTEC’s founding

Optimized operation of energy generation plants

The ETA factory

EnEffCo® has been the centerpiece of flexible power-utility operations at the ETA pilot factory since 2017. Enabled with funding from the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, the PHI Factory project features the integrated monitoring of over 2,000 meter points.

Energy-efficiency in the intelligent factory with EnEffReg

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Knut Grabowski Team Energieeffizienz-Controlling

Knut Grabowski

Head of EnEffCo® Research & Development