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Energy management systems

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of systematic energy management practices. Certified energy management systems based on the leading international norm ISO 50001 help companies to reduce energy consumption, optimize material flows, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and make an active contribution to the clean-energy transition. The implementation of a robust energy management system is the ideal starting point for undertaking ambitious corporate climate action.

Opportunities and challenges

Support for all aspects of energy-management certification

From the beginning, we have worked to help our clients effectively manage all aspects of energy use. We have assisted companies with the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard in more than 100 projects. We also advise many companies both large and small on an ongoing basis in order to ensure continuous improvements in operational efficiency. Our experts are ready to assist you with such questions as:

  • How can I develop and implement an effective energy management system?
  • How do I develop the metrics that will be used to monitor the performance of my systems?
  • How can I establish a process for continuous improvement?
  • What actions should I undertake to improve the energy performance of my business?
  • How can an energy management system enable corporate climate action?

Managing Consultant

Johannes Höpfner

We help you to identify hidden potentials for savings and verify the effectiveness of improvements.

Johannes Hoepfner Team Energieeffizienz

Our expertise

Preparing for ISO 50001 certification

Your audit is coming up and you need support?

  • We have assisted more than 300 companies with the auditing of their energy systems.
  • We can verify your conformance with the ISO 50001 through an internal audit prior to official certification. Our energy audit services provide recommendations and corresponding documentation for improving your current system.
  • We support you in the targeted and practical implementation of recommendations.
  • We prepare you for external audits by official certification bodies.

Enhancing energy management practices

Are you interested in further developing your existing energy management system?

  • We identify and evaluate hidden potentials for savings.
  • We help further develop your measurement technology metrics and systems.
  • We provide recommendations for optimizing your systems, including adjustments to operating parameters and flows.
  • We can also organize the targeted training of your employees and update your energy management systems in line with the latest version of the ISO standard.

Identification of measures to enhance efficiency

Moll Marzipan GmbH

Moll Marzipan is a German producer of raw marzipan and persipan. ISO 50001 certified since 2015, the company has been collaborating with ÖKOTEC to further enhance its energy management system.

Our consulting services

Organization and management

Close integration with business processes is essential for an effective and efficient energy management system.

  • Assistance with internal auditing and preparation for ISO 50001 certification
  • Implementation of training programs customized for employee groups
  • Legal and regulatory advising

Energy use assessment

The ongoing assessment of your operational activities is essential for an effective energy management system that can be optimized over time

  • Collection and analysis of energy data
  • Updating your assessment methods
  • Identification, implementation, and review of technical measures
  • Development of custom solutions for measurement technology and key performance indicators
  • Ongoing monitoring of energy use
  • Energy reporting

Physical plant design

Opportunities for energy-efficient operation should be taken into account during the planning of a new production facility or system. We are ready to advise you during the initial planning phase and assist you during project implementation.

  • Development and review of energy-efficient planning and purchasing guidelines
  • Analysis and optimization of process solutions
  • Energy efficiency consulting for building technology, utility systems, and production lines

Energy targets

Energy management systems require specific and general targets.

  • Support for the implementation of improvement measures
  • Review of your target development process
  • Development of energy strategies and goals
  • Drafting and presentation of management reports

Account Manager

Nathan Bode

Our customers praise the targeted and reliable preparation we provide for external certification, including our recommendations for improving their energy management systems.

Nathan Bode Team Sales & Project Management

Energy performance metrics

How do you know if your operations are energy efficient or if implemented savings measures are producing the desired effects? We have developed a toolbox of key performance indicators that enable companies to monitor and assess their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Online energy management seminars

Verifying improved efficiency under ISO 50001

Companies around the globe use the ISO 50001 standard to document and improve their energy consumption.  In a special webinar, Jochen Buser of GUTcert and Georg Ratjen of ÖKOTEC provide a practical introduction (German).

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