Roland Berger Geschäftsführer bei ÖKOTEC

Managing Director and Partner

Dipl. Eng. Roland Berger

Roland Berger is Managing Director and Partner of ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement and leads Sales & Marketing, Finance & Human Resources and Consulting on energy efficiency and climate protection. He has been with ÖKOTEC since its founding and has played a major role in developing and growing the company. As an enthusiastic process engineer and sales professional, he combines ecological and commercial realties to identify optimal solutions.

I motivate our clients to do more for energy conservation and climate protection, and to rely on the expertise, capacity and tools ÖKOTEC is offering.“

About Roland Berger

What is special about working at ÖKOTEC?

Solving complex and multi-layered challenges at exciting companies with friendly and competent colleagues.

What client feedback motived you the most?

The feedback from our customer Daimler during the introduction of our EnEffCo® software. The project was very challenging due to the IT complexity and number of locations to be connected in Germany and abroad. It was great to receive such positive feedback from the customer’s IT and business departments.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges our customers face in meeting their climate protection goals and how can ÖKOTEC contribute to this?

The topic is complex and requires comprehensive technical expertise, management and communication skills, as well as time. We bring all of this to the table, which enables us to achieve these goals together with our clients.

If my work were a feature film…

it would be called “The Everyday Climate Heroes”: How do we manage to help our clients in their everyday work so energy usage and CO2 emissions are reduced and we advance climate protection together?

My expertise and focus areas