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Embrace the opportunities of digital transformation

Energy efficiency monitoring

Our proprietary EnEffCo® solution is one of the best commercially available tools for energy efficiency monitoring and management. The solution was developed based on our many years of experience helping companies to become more energy efficient. Our user-friendly software enables you to monitor, manage, and optimize your energy systems and production processes in a comprehensive and targeted manner. It also provides a foundation for fulfillment of the ISO 50001 Energy Management standard as well as statistical system monitoring, load- and flexibility management and flexible charging solutions for e-vehicles.

Embark on the journey to climate neutrality

Climate protection and energy transition

Innovative and effective solutions for a climate-neutral economy will be essential for achieving energy and climate protection targets and limiting global warming to 1.5 C. Our experienced team can help you to develop and implement a corporate climate strategy that is tailored to your needs. We offer a wide range of services in this area, from the analysis of your GHG emissions to the identification of reduction targets and elaboration of a detailed climate-neutrality roadmap.

Processes for continual improvement

Energy management

From the beginning, we have worked to help our clients effectively manage all aspects of energy use.  We have assisted companies with the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard in more than 100 projects. We also advise companies both large and small on an ongoing basis in order to ensure continuous improvements in operational efficiency.

Collaboration is key

Energy efficiency networks

We have initiated over fifty business networks since our founding. We collaborate with a wide range of companies, industry associations, and other business forums, and offer a range of networking opportunities. Networks will be crucial for the attainment of the German government’s climate targets. Furthermore, the exchange of ideas and perspectives within a business network offers companies a diverse range of benefits.

Cutting-edge expertise

Technical consulting

Companies face a host of issues when seeking to become more efficient and reduce their carbon footprints, including questions related to waste heat recovery, heating system electrification, on-site renewable generation, and the substitution of fossil fuels.  Our multidisciplinary experts are ready to provide you with technical consulting services targeted to your needs, from an initial assessment of your energy consumption and savings potential to a roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality.

Further development of energy efficiency

Research & Development

We are actively engaged in the further development of energy efficiency as part of Research & Development projects undertaken in collaboration with scientific institutions and industry partners. Our mission is to furnish companies with advanced digital solutions that enable flexible energy management as well as greater ecological and economic efficiency.

Government climate action

Projects with ministries

ÖKOTEC develops and implements climate protection projects with ministries, government agencies, and associations at the national and international level, and frequently collaborates in multi-stakeholder project teams and consortiums. We also assist funding agencies with a variety of topics, from the development of methodological approaches to the implementation of private-sector projects and public information campaigns.

Bespoke environmental solutions

Resource efficiency

Our shareholder Veolia has been providing environmental, utility, and waste management services for more than 25 years. With its three divisions – Water, Waste Management, and Energy – Veolia develops custom solutions for companies from a wide range of sectors.