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Energy efficiency monitoring

The digital transformation offers companies new opportunities for optimizing systems and reducing energy consumption. By tapping their latent potential for greater efficiency, companies can make a significant contribution to environmental protection. There are now a range of innovative approaches and solutions for the data-driven management and control of energy systems, production facilities, and associated processes. Based on our extensive experience in past projects, the implementation of our energy-monitoring solution can reduce energy consumption between 5 and 30 %.

Our software solution

EnEffCo® was developed for companies with ambitious energy-saving goals

Our proprietary EnEffCo® solution is one of the best commercially available tools for energy-efficiency monitoring and management. EnEffCo® was developed based on our many years of energy consulting experience. We have implemented more than 2,000 projects together with companies from a wide range of economic sectors.

  • Would you like transparent data on the main sources of energy consumption at your company?
  • Would you like to develop or fine-tune a real-time monitoring system for your significant energy users (SEU)?
  • Are you looking for a solution that can be easily incorporated into your existing IT system and physical plant? Do you also want a solution that can be easily expanded with additional features, such as flexible energy management?
  • Do you want to streamline and automate your reporting process while also meeting compliance requirements with reliable data?
  • Are you on the look-out for a powerful solution with a broad range of features that is nevertheless user-friendly?

Success story

Rockwool: Process optimization with EnEffCo®

Rockwool was looking for an energy management solution in order to identify fluctuations in the energy required to manufacture product batches. The company also wanted to improve its ISO 50001-certified energy management system.

“EnEffCo® has greatly optimized the energy consumption of our core processes. The solution paid for itself within one year – an irrefutable value proposition.” says Eric Strauch, former Energy Management Officer.

Take advantage of our expertise

One of the best solutions on the market

Benefit from expert knowledge, user orientation and a very broad range of applications with EnEffCo® – from monitoring, ISO-50001 management and statistical plant monitoring to load and flexible energy management and control of your e-vehicle charging.

Depending on your specific needs, the basic software package can be upgraded with a wide range of additional modules, including Mobile App, Sankey Diagram, Smart Query, and EnEffReg®.

User EnEffCo

Numerous benefits

  • Comprehensive real-time overview of energy and material flows
  • Diverse functionality, including flexible adaptation to your business
  • Monitoring, analysis, benchmarking, and verification based on a key performance indicator (KPI) system developed by ÖKOTEC and the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Comprehensive services, including software updates, telephone support, user meet-ups, newsletters, and webinars
  • Audited by independent certification companies

Obtain 40 % cost coverage for your EnEffCo® project

The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) is running a subsidy program to help defray the costs of private-sector investment in energy and environmental management systems. Cost coverage runs as high as 40 % for SMEs and 30 % for large companies, up to a project-specific investment volume of 10 million euros. Companies can apply for funding to subsidize both software and hardware costs (e.g. measurement technology).

Get to know EnEffCo®

Areas of application

Energy systems management has grown more challenging in light of rising commodity prices and ever more stringent regulatory requirements. The technical specifications required of a software solution may also vary significantly between company sites or departments. EnEffCo® is a robust software solution that can be gradually expanded over time to meet your changing needs while remaining suitable for various user groups. We encourage you to take a first-hand look at the many possibilities offered by EnEffCo. Our experts would be happy to demonstrate the software as part of an initial consultation.

Energy management

Energy audits

Energy management systems certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard use statistical models and key performance indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate continuous improvement. When establishing such a management system, companies are required to identify significant energy users (SEU) and audit their baseline consumption. EnEffCo® allows you to assess your energy consumption in a targeted fashion while also providing for the continuous monitoring of your SEUs. Our team is ready to provide you with a range of services depending on your needs. These include:

  • Identification of SEUs and system boundaries
  • Creation of statistical models for analysis and monitoring of adjusted energy demand
  • Determination of improvement potential based on system monitoring and comparison
  • Development of action plans
  • Demonstration and verification of improvement from baseline

Digital energy efficiency

Systematic increase in efficiency

With the help of EnEffCo® and targeted services, we support you in maintaining and increasing the efficiency of your plants. Essential components are the monitoring and benchmarking of plants based on the ÖKOTEC key figure methodology, a measurement-based statistic, and know-how from our more than 2,000 customer projects.

Monitoring with EnEffCo® identifies increased consumption and allows you to check the effects of implementing a particular measure. Benchmarking determines the potential for savings and leads to better decisions about where best to expand measures. The effectiveness of our approach has been confirmed in several large projects. It is based on three steps:

Phase 1: Fundamentals
  • Identification of significant energy users (SEU)
  • Methodological workshop & training
  • Definition of system boundaries
  • Energy and material flow diagram
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • KPI and measurement solution
Phase 2: Efficiency monitoring
  • Setting of EnEffCo® parameters
  • Establishment of baseline
  • Set-up of monitoring reports and alarm notifications
  • Launch of efficiency monitoring with instructions for action given alarm notification
Phase 3: Measures
  • Report on benchmarks/savings potential
  • Development of action measures
  • Implementation
  • Report on measures implemented
  • Creation of new baseline and input into efficiency monitoring system

EnEffCo® Consultant

Jan Drieselmann

In a project for a supplier of building materials, we identified significant energy savings potential thanks to EnEffCo® and our analysis.

Jan Drieselmann Team Energieeffizienz-Controlling

Carbon footprint management

Transparency for your carbon emissions

In addition to calculating your carbon footprint, we can help you to monitor your systems and processes, to identify inefficiencies, and to review your progress in reducing emissions. Our software provides you with reliable data for all your internal and external reporting and compliance needs. EnEffCo® is an innovative platform for the digital management of your corporate climate strategy:

  • Visualization of corporate carbon footprints
  • Real-time monitoring of direct carbon emissions (scope 1)
  • Verification of achieved emission reductions
  • Calculation and monitoring of product carbon footprints
  • Diverse visualization, assessment, and reporting options for carbon footprint management

Flexible energy management

Enhance operational efficiency and your bottom line

The increasing share of variable fluctuating renewables in power grids means that power prices can vary considerably depending on the amount generated from the sun and wind. Great economic benefits can be obtained from the flexible operation of your systems, allowing you to take advantage of time periods with low power prices. We offer powerful and cost-effective solutions for the flexible management of your operations.
We have many years of experience in the analysis of energy use by industrial companies; in the development of robust operational control systems tailored to your workflows and processes; and in the implementation of diverse interfaces for networking between systems and reacting to market data.

  • Optimized charging strategies for vehicle fleets
  • Automated compliance with 7000-hour regulatory rule, including intelligent battery control & emergency generators
  • Peak load management of supply and process plants (e.g. refrigeration plants, fans)
  • The scheduling of site-specific demand forecasts and weather-based supply forecasts
  • Market-optimized deployment strategies and operational controls for power-storage facilities as well as for flexible generators (CHPs, gas turbines, etc.) and consumers


Automated control and regulation of industrial systems

The digital revolution offers manufacturing companies the opportunity to transform their products and systems in order to make them more efficient and sustainable. EnEffReg enables the intelligent and automated IT-based control of manufacturing systems in accordance with defined efficiency criteria. Our solution uses self-learning algorithms to analyze the big data generated by your manufacturing activities, allowing the automatic determination and maintenance of the most efficient operational parameters. Major German companies – including Bayer, Daimler, and Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe – have tested EnEffReg in pilot projects which have achieved considerable energy-efficiency gains. Both the overall manufacturing system at a given plant and all constituent subsystems are subjected to permanent monitoring, allowing efficiency even amid changing operational conditions.

  • Optimized system management, including the adjustment of suboptimal or erroneous settings
  • Reduced time and effort, since no complex simulations are required to modify system operations
  • Robust data and accurate analyses enable greater energy savings


Head of EnEffCo® Operations

Jurek Melsheimer

Solving the complex challenges faced by EnEffCo® customers is a constant source of new motivation.

Jurek Melsheimer Team Energieeffizienz-Controlling

Smart services

Utilize the full potential of EnEffCo®

EnEffCo® services

We are here to support you with a range of services tailored to your individual needs. Benefit from our expertise in statistical methods, measurement-technology automation, process and plant engineering, IT interface design, and big-data analytics.

  • KPI and measurement technology system design
  • Monitoring and benchmarking of plants and processes
  • Analysis and strategies for reducing consumption
  • Energy audits and management within the framework of DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Training programs customized for employee groups

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Energy Efficiency Monitoring

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Dr. Hans Rüdiger Lange

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