Head of EnEffCo® Technology & Product Management

Dr. Hans Rüdiger Lange

Dr. Hans Rüdiger Lange is Head of EnEffCo® Technology & Product Management at ÖKOTEC. He brings around 30 years of experience in technology development and implementation from various management positions in Germany and abroad. He holds a doctorate degree in physics and is a recognized expert, among other things, on the topic of “Energy Transition” at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). He also teaches “Entrepreneurship and Technology Development” as an honorary professor at the Brandenburg University of Technology and is a founding member of the “Lausitz Center for Artificial Intelligence”.

Dr. Hans Rüdiger Lange Team Energieeffizienz-Controlling

“At ÖKOTEC, I can work with outstanding experts on the greatest challenge of our time: achieving a turnaround in climate protection.“

About Dr. Hans Rüdiger Lange

What motivates you in your work?

I am motivated by working on customized technical solutions in client projects, from clients in the Black Forest to clients in China. We enable our customers to save resources with intelligent technologies and innovative measures and to contribute to climate protection. A technologically extraordinarily exciting job! Achieving important goals with interesting people – what more could you want?

I am a physicist and business economist because…

I have always wanted to work on the great challenges and latest technical developments of my time – in a technologically innovative and economically effective way. That’s why physics, that’s why business administration. And that is also why I came to ÖKOTEC in 2021: To work on the challenge of climate change and to develop further in the process. That, too, is education – lifelong, always new.

What are the biggest challenges facing our customers in meeting climate protection targets?

Climate protection is demanding because we can’t focus on one thing only, but have to keep an eye on “everything”.

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