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Process optimization in rock wool production

Deutsche Rockwool GmbH & Co. KG

Process Optimization with EnEffCo®

EnEffCo® has been deployed at three sites in Germany since 2019 and enables data-driven analysis and optimization of core energy processes. The software investment already paid for itself in the year of implementation.

The Challenge

Deutsche Rockwool GmbH & Co. KG is part of the Rockwool Group, a multinational manufacturer of mineral wool products, primarily for building insulation. The German subsidiary has four manufacturing sites and about 1,300 employees. Rockwool was seeking an energy efficiency controlling software to identify energy efficiency fluctuations between different product batches and to improve its ISO 50001-certified energy management system.

“EnEffCo® has greatly optimized the energy consumption of our core processes. The solution paid for itself within one year – an irrefutable value proposition.”

Eric Strauch
Former Energy Management Officer

The Solution and Implementation

  • As part of the introduction of the EnEffCo® solution, production data was systematically collected and analyzed to identify potential energy savings.
  • Comprehensive KPIs (key performance indicators) were then implemented to monitor selected systems and to generate automated energy efficiency reports.
  • Batch processes are now continuously monitored and analyzed in order to identify fluctuations in energy consumption and improve efficiency.
  • EnEffCo® is a multipurpose tool, enabling the collection and analysis of production, energy, process, and quality-control data.


  • Energy Management and Energy Efficiency: Key performance indicators ensure transparent energy and material flows. Manufacturing systems and processes become more efficient due to systematic monitoring, analysis, and benchmarking.
  • Reporting: EnEffCo® provides a comparison of SEU (significant energy use) and KPI (key performance indicator) data as well as the implementation of baselines and monitoring of energy usage.
  • Management & Compliance: An integrated solution for heterogeneous data sources. Compliance with the ISO 50001 standard, among other norms.
  • Sustainability: Generates continuous energy savings, while also producing associated documentation.

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