15 steps to climate neutrality

New Guide: From energy to climate management

from energy management to climate management

In cooperation with GUTcert and the registered organization German Corporate Initiative Energy Efficiency (DENEFF), ÖKOTEC publishes an updated guide that supports companies on their way to climate neutrality.

Whether emissions trading, access to financing on the market and to subsidies, transparency obligations and the recently enacted Energy Efficiency Act (EnEfG): The political framework conditions for companies are tightening so that the European Union and the German government can achieve the energy and climate protection goals they have set themselves by 2050 and 2045 respectively. At the same time, energy and climate management can hardly be separated from each other in practice.

Increasing demands on companies guidelines provide orientation

In view of the legal developments and the complexity of the subject area itself, the guidelines offer a compact overview in six stages and 15 steps. The aim and objective of the cooperation partners’ team of experts is to provide those responsible for energy and climate in companies with guidance on a systematic approach and to utilize as many synergies as possible from an existing energy and environmental system.

“The emission reduction targets require an intensification in the operationalization and implementation of actions at the company site. For the update of the guidelines, we have focused on how to create a robust action roadmap. This enables responsible persons in the company to avoid and reduce greenhouse gases in a targeted manner.”

Armin Kühn
Senior Consultant, ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH

In 6 stages and 15 steps to climate neutrality

Each stage and each step contains extensive information, illustrations and many practical tips. In addition, company examples from practice illustrate what individual climate management solutions can look like.

  1. Step – Inventory
  2. Step – Create greenhouse gas model
  3. Step – Define climate strategy
  4. Step – Integration of the KliMS into the company processes
  5. Step – Continuous improvement, close PDCA cycle
  6. Step – Verify and communicate

Download guide (only available in German)

More information

The first version of the “From energy to climate management” guide was created and published in summer 2021. The project partners are GUTcert and DENEFF.

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Mareike Hoffmann Team Marketing and Business Development

Mareike Hoffmann

Head of Climate Management & Communications

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