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Senior Consultant

Dipl.-Ing. Armin Kühn

Armin Kühn is a Senior Consultant at ÖKOTEC. As project manager he is responsible for the Coordination Office for Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection in the Economy (KEK) on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. Armin Kühn has many years of experience in designing and managing energy, climate protection and transformation projects as an environmental engineer. His areas of expertise are system efficiency, waste heat and subsidies. In addition, he supports the development of research projects for the decarbonization of industrial process heat applications. He also contributes his expertise as an expert for solar thermal systems (TÜV).

At ÖKOTEC, in addition to classic engineering skills, curiosity, creativity and expertise in digitalization are also in demand.

About Armin Kühn

Feedback from a customer that particularly motivated me:

“We should do a follow-up project!”

What are the biggest challenges our customers face in meeting climate change targets?

Our customers are industrial companies. They know how to make products to meet the diverse and specific needs of their customers. Now part of that challenge is to meet climate change targets.

ÖKOTEC contributes to this by…

supporting the necessary transformation at all stages.

If my work were a movie…

it would be called “Mission Possible”. As a team, we are on a hot lead and solve the case. Of course, money also plays a role — here as a cost-saving measure.

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Klimaneutrale Prozesswärme

Research partners for carbon-neutral process heat

Are you currently planning actions to decarbonize process heat generation or would you like to be a pioneer in carbon-neutral heat supply? A funded project aims to accelerate the use of energy-efficient, carbon-neutral process heat solutions.