Head of Energy Markets

Dipl. Eng. Arne Grein

Arne Grein leads the Energy Markets department at ÖKOTEC. The industrial engineer deals with digital solutions and business models for energy markets and energy efficiency, as well as energy policy frameworks. His focus includes holistic energy concepts, flexible energy and load management and the modeling of energy and supply scenarios for climate protection strategies. Currently he is leading the Research & Development project KI4ETA. The aim of the project is to use artificial intelligence to develop solutions that enable holistic energy management adaptable to the market.

 “We strategically evaluate which technology options are in line with our customers’ climate protection goals and accompany the implementation process. The goal is to enable optimized plant deployment for the integration of renewable energies.”

About Arne Grein

Which project was special?

For a customer in the packaging industry, we used our EnEffCo® software solution to control the combined system of battery and emergency power system so that the peak load value of 7,000 operating hours can be maintained continuously. This enabled the customer to apply for individual grid charges and save energy costs.

What client feedback motivated you the most?

Based on our forecasts, we were able to determine that there were discrepancies in plant operations for a customer in the automotive industry. By automatically shutting down the equipment that was not required, energy costs were further reduced.

How does ÖKOTEC help solve our customers’ biggest challenges in meeting climate protection targets?

Our clients can use EnEffCo® to operate plants in a digitalized, automated and thus cost-efficient manner. It is equally important to look ahead and evaluate risks and opportunities. Based on resilient data and robust roadmaps that we create together with companies, decision makers are able to better evaluate options and set the course for the right technology mix of the future.

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