50% funding for climate neutrality concepts

New BMWK “Transformation Concepts” subsidy

German governement subsidaries for transformation concepts

The new BMWK subsidy “Transformation Concepts” is launched: It supports companies on their way to climate neutrality. They receive a funding rate of 50 % for their concept, the maximum funding amount is € 80,000.*

In the course of the increased energy and climate policy goals of the federal government and requirements of stakeholders, companies are challenged to implement innovative solutions into a CO2-neutral economy. Take advantage of this opportunity and have a concept and a roadmap for climate neutrality tailored to your company.

Transformation concept in detail

The following shall be described and formulated in the transformation concept

Background to the subsidy

The current “Federal Subsidy for Energy Efficiency in Industry” (EEW) is the central subsidy of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) for increasing energy efficiency in industry and for supporting companies in planning and implementing their own transformation towards climate neutrality.

Download guide

A new guide shows you how to get to the transformation concept step by step. This explains the steps required to develop a funded concept for climate neutrality. The guide was published by ÖKOTEC, GUTcert and the Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz e.V. (DENEFF).

ÖKOTEC is your experienced partner for concepts for climate neutrality and subsidies

For over 20 years, ÖKOTEC has stood for innovative solutions for energy efficiency, energy management and CO2 savings. We are also professionals when it comes to subsidies. We will find the best possible ecological and economical mix for your company and a climate-neutral future!

*50 % der förderfähigen Kosten, kleine und mittlere Unternehmen erhalten eine Förderung von 60 %. Maximale Fördersumme von 80.000 € pro Transformationskonzept

Would you like to become climate neutral with your company?

Get first insights on the topic in our webinar recording or arrange an individual consultation with our ÖKOTEC experts will be happy to accompany you on this topic!

FAQ on the Transformation Concepts subsidy

Where can I find the leaflets?

On the website of BAFA and the project management organization VDI/VDE-IT
Module 5: transformation concepts
Who, what and how ? (About promotion of the transformation concept)

Are the grants capped? Whoever comes first gets the most…?

A maximum of €80,000 is funded per application. The amount of funding depends on the effort required to create the transformation concept. The time of application is irrelevant. It is not expected that the funding pot for the program will be exhausted in the short term.

Is the subsidy linked to the de minimis regulation?

Die Förderung erfolgt unabhängig von der De-minimis Verordnung nach AGVO.

Does this subsidy also apply to non-SMEs?


Was there a change in the subsidy maximum for non-SMEs?

The subsidy cap of 500 €/t remains unchanged for non-SMEs.

“Climate neutrality”: to which scope does it refer?

The federal government’s goal refering to Scope 1+2. It is not known how the goal of climate neutrality in 2045 will be specifically considered in the transformation concept.

Is it really only about the CO2 balance of the location or does the upstream chain also come into it?

A GHG balance with regard to Scope 1 + 2 is mandatory, as there is a savings target of 40% compared to this actual status. Scope 3 (upstream chains, downstream chains) can be considered voluntarily. In this case, it is of course advisable to show the “mandatory part” separately in the report.

For green electricity or biogas, the emission factor is “0”. Does this mean that the information provided by the supplier does not matter?

Depending on the (electricity/gas) product, it may happen that a factor other than zero is effective for the ACTUAL reference; e.g., in the case of a mix of generation plants or in the case of proportional admixture of biogas. The CO2 factors are usually specified by the supplier and must be transparently presented / documented. For the switch to green electricity or biogas as a measure, however, a factor of zero can be assumed without hesitation. In this case, a supplier does not have to be specified.

Can all guarantees of origin be used for this purpose? Or are there also requirements for the guarantees of origin used?

Nothing is known about this. However, what is recognized by other official bodies (e.g. DeHSt) also has good chances here.

Financial biogas: what proportion of the costs is subsidized?

No costs for the “measures” or the transformation itself are funded in this funding item. Only the study and what is necessary for its creation (external services) is funded.

Financial green electricity: Can I also apply for this for electricity supply contracts that are already running?

For the actual state (How much CO2 do I currently emit?), the consideration of green electricity is allowed. Electricity costs are not subsidized.

Nehmen wir mal an, ich führe ein F&E- Projekt durch, um einen CO2- ärmeren Let’s say I’m doing an R&D project to find a lower carbon feedstock (lower carbon footprint of the product). (reduction of CO2 footprint of the product). Is this eligible?

An R&D project in the usual sense is not eligible. Research about alternative primary products on a manageable scale will certainly be accepted.

Who is allowed to act as a consultant? Does this require a specific transformation concept training?

There are no requirements for the consultants. However, the quality of the submitted reports will be checked and monitored by the project executing agency. If poor quality reports accumulate, the project executing agency is going to include requirements for the report and / or consultant in the information sheet presumably.

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