Water Sector

Wasserverbund Niederrhein GmbH

Energy efficiency monitoring based on energy performance indicators

Wasserverbund Niederrhein GmbH has been using EnEffCo® with more than 300 license data points at its Binsheim and Moers-Gerdt factory sites since 2014.

The Challenge

Wasserverbund Niederrhein (WVN) produces approx. 15 million cubic meters of water per year in the Binsheim and Moers-Gerdt water utilities for a catchment area of more than 150,000 residents. WVN needed a software solution to support the operation of their energy management system according to ISO 50001.

“We opted for a KPI-based energy efficiency monitoring system to continuously record our power consumption and the efficiency of our pumps.

Sascha Merz

The Solution

  • EnEffCo® enables the real-time monitoring of systems, the systematic identification of further potential for energy savings, and the automatic generation of reports
  • ÖKOTEC developed a custom measurement and KPI system for efficiency monitoring, in particular KPI-based optimization of pump maintenance
  • Automated warning messages notify personnel about deviations in equipment efficiency. Depending on he cause, steps can be taken to adjust and thus avoid unproductive energy consumption.


  • Energy management and energy efficiency: KPIs allow transparency for all utility consumption. Monitoring, analysis and benchmarking increase the efficiency of machines, systems and processes.
  • Savings: Optimized energy usage and documentation of savings; reduced operational expenses in generating reports, analyses, etc.
  • Maintenance: Utilization of KPIs to determine economically optimal time for replacing pumps.
  • Management & Compliance: Integrated solution for heterogenous data sources, assurance of compliance with the ISO 50001 standard and other requirements.

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