KG Deutsche Gasrußwerke GmbH & Co.

Energieanalyse Standort Dortmund für KG Deutsche Gasrußwerke
Image: KG Deutsche Gasrußwerke GmbH & Co

Site Energy Analysis

KG Deutsche Gasrußwerke GmbH & Co (DGW) assigned ÖKOTEC with the development of savings measures as the basis for the climate strategy for the Dortmund site. We analyzed and optimized the entire production process, including the power plant.

The Challenge

KG Deutsche Gasrußwerke GmbH & Co (DGW) produces over 30 different carbon blacks for companies in the chemical and tire industries at the port of Dortmund. The medium-sized company supplies electricity and district heating from the resulting process heat to a large number of households in Dortmund, Germany. DGW’s aim is to become the most competitive carbon black plant in Europe. Against this background, there was interest in external expertise for the development of energy efficiency and savings measures as the basis for DGW’s climate strategy.

“We were very impressed by how quickly ÖKOTEC understood our complex processes and developed very good savings measures.

Thomas Lloyd
Technical Manager

The Solution and Implementation

An energy analysis of the entire production process and the power plant, including the steam turbines and condensers, was performed. As the production process is highly integrated, the impact of individual actions on the entire site had to be taken into account in all savings proposals.

  • Development of actions to generate additional steam from previously unused waste heat from process systems
  • Recommendations for optimizing the process gas/hot air/steam system
  • Development of recommendations for measures to produce electricity from previously unused waste heat using steam expanders

DGW is very satisfied with the proposed solutions and plans to implement them successively.


  • Expansion of electricity and district heating generation
  • Improvement of the site’s carbon footprint and cost situation

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