Mercedes-Benz AG

Automated control and regulation of plants

Mercedes-Benz has been using EnEffCo® in Berlin-Marienfelde since 2014 and worldwide for Cars & Vans since 2018. As an application partner in the EnEffReg® research and development project, Mercedes-Benz tested the automated control and regulation of plants to maintain and increase energy efficiency.

The Challenge

The Mercedes-Benz production site Berlin Marienfelde (engines) was looking for a software that would allow it to improve both the transparency of utility consumption and also data quality, as well as identifying savings potential. A further requirement was for the software to integrate well with existing systems.

The Solution

  • EnEffCo® enables the monitoring and the analysis of systems in the areas of production, cooling, ventilation, compressed air and heat.
  • Visualization of time series, traffic lights in diagrams and dashboards, as well as report generation.
  • Integration of existing systems, including BMS from Honeywell.
  • Additional monthly costs can be avoided by system monitoring (identification of worsened system operation after maintenance).
  • Additional savings by optimizing cooling supply, using free cooling and pump regulation.


  • Energy management and energy efficiency: KPIs allow transparency for all utility consumption. Monitoring, analysis and benchmarking increase the efficiency of machines, systems and processes.
  • Savings: Optimized energy usage and documentation of savings; reduced operational expenses in generating reports, analyses, etc.
  • Management & Compliance: Integrated solution for heterogeneous data sources, assurance of compliance with the ISO 50001 standard and other requirements.
  • Sustainability: Transparent KPIs related to energy use and precise data for reports

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