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digitales Energieeffizienz-Controlling mit EnEffCo® bei KME Germany

Implementation of EnEffCo®

EnEffCo® is a digital solution for monitoring energy efficiency that has been implemented at the Osnabrück site, which comprises over 3,000 metering points, since 2021. KME uses EnEffCo® to optimize costs and save resources, in addition to monitoring and benchmarking.

The Challenge

With eight production sites in Germany, France, Italy, China and the USA, KME is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of copper and copper alloy products. To manage its energy efficiency, KME was looking for an innovative digital solution. The software should not only monitor and benchmark, but also identify opportunities for cost optimization and resource saving.

With the implementation of EnEffCo®, we successfully automated a significant portion of our monthly energy billing process, resulting in time savings and reduced error sources.”

Volker Baute
Head Of Central Services OS / Electrial

Solution and Implementation

  • Deployment of EnEffCo® for managing energy and analyzing production data to identify possible energy savings, including the integration of historical data.
  • Systematic collection and analysis of production data to pinpoint potential energy savings, and optimization of heat sources and sinks.
  • Cost centre based energy accounting for the finance department in accordance with local EEG guidelines, and the development of dashboards and reports.
  • Automated assessment of significant energy users (SEUs) and visualization of the determined performance indicators.


  • Energy Management & Energy Efficiency: Fulfillment of all requirements from a certified EnMS, including transparency of all medium of energies based on KPIs, energy evaluation
  • Savings: Optimized energy supply, monitoring success of savings measures
  • Management & Compliance: Ensuring compliance with international standards (ISO)

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