Chemical Industry

Innospec Leuna GmbH

Flexible Load Management

Innospec has been using EnEffCo® at the Leuna Industrial Park since 2016 for targeted load management to reduce power grid usage fees. EnEffCo® continues to be used for integrated energy monitoring solution to enhance flexibility and efficiency.

The Challenge

Innospec Leuna GmbH is a manufacturer of various specialty chemicals. The company’s high pressure industrial compressors are a significant source of electricity demand in the manufacturing process. To reduce energy costs, the company sought to take advantage of a special regulatory provision: companies that have 10 GWh of demand during at least 7,000 hours per annum qualify for significantly lower grid usage fees. To fulfill this requirement, the company realized it needed advanced energy management and monitoring software.

“Thanks to the load management strategy developed by ÖKOTEC, we have significantly reduced our power grid usage fees while also enhancing our manufacturing processes.”

Dr. Silvio Kammer
Head of Engineering

The Solution

  • ÖKOTEC first performed a comprehensive assessment of the company’s production processes and technical systems, in part by conducting on site measurements.
  • Using power demand forecasts generated by the EnEffCo® solution, ÖKOTEC developed a targeted load management strategy.
  • As implemented in the EnEffCo® solution, the strategy allows the company to avoidor delay the activation of interruptible loads, thus optimizing power demand.


  • Savings: 80 % reduction in grid usage fees thanks to special provision under Section 19 (2) of the German Electricity Grid Fee Ordinance StromNEV
  • Custom load management strategy: Flexibly configured to meet the company’s technical needs.
  • Automatic notifications: Engineers in plant control room receive automatic notifications regarding recommended action measures.
  • Quality assurance: Ongoing monitoring of systems and their operational requirements, with flexibility to adopt alternate action steps if need be.
  • Transparency: Comprehensive reports with visualization of plant operations

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