Industrial Park

Veolia Deutschland Industriepark GmbH

Monitoring of systems and automated reports

EnEffCo® has been used at the industrial parks in Heinsberg and Düren-Niederau since 2016 with more than 600 license data points.

The Challenge

At its industrial parks in Heinsberg and Düren-Niederau, Veolia Deutschland GmbH provides numerous companies with various building services, including process water, cooling water, steam, and pressurized air. Veolia needed a software solution that would enable it to analyze the efficiency of its systems, to quickly recognize increased consumption based on live data, and to generate status reports in conformance with ISO 50001.

In addition to its benefits for our day-to-day activities, EnEffCo® allows us to precisely analyze efficiency and compare our findings to current business practice.

Dr. Stefan Langer,
Managing Director

The Solution

  • EnEffCo® enables the real-time monitoring of systems and the automatic generation of reports, including balance sheets.
  • Veolia now has access to transparent data for tracking energy consumption and billing customers.
  • EnEffCo® system monitoring provides for energy and cost savings, including notification in the event of irregularities (system malfunction, leaks, etc.)
  • The solution allows Veolia to identify energy saving measures and monitor the savings achieved through their implementation.


  • Energy management and energy efficiency: Energy efficient operation of on-site systems for producing heat, steam, cold, and pressurized air
  • Savings: Optimized energy usage and documentation of savings; reduced operational expenses to generate reports, analysis, etc.
  • Management & Compliance: Assurance of compliance with the ISO 50001 standard and other requirements
  • Sustainability: Transparent KPIs related to energy use and precise data for reports

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