Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for GRILLO-Werke AG
Image: GRILLO-Werke AG

Calculation of product carbon footprints (PCFs)

GRILLO-Werke AG assigned ÖKOTEC to carry out carbon accounting at system level for five systems at the Frankfurt and Duisburg sites. Cradle-to-gate Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) were created for 21 chemical products. The products were then successfully certified according to three standards (ISO 14067, Greenhouse Gas Protocol and TfS Standard).

The Challenge

GRILLO-Werke AG is a manufacturer of zinc products and sulphur chemicals with six production sites in Germany and Europe. The German family-owned company aims to provide its customers with sustainable products in order to achieve its sustainability goals.

With this in mind, GRILLO decided to create PCFs to strengthen its competitiveness and meet customer demands. This required external expertise. A particular challenge was to create PCFs for the energy products electricity and steam.

The PCFs were calculated by ÖKOTEC experts, which is a significant step towards achieving our sustainability goals. This will also benefit our customers throughout the supply chain.

Dr. Ingo Biertümpel
Site Management Duisburg and Head of Research and Development

The Solution and Implementation

  • Analysis of the chemical production facilities in the entire process chain
  • Subdivision into process steps to avoid allocation as far as possible
  • Creation of process flow diagrams
  • Collection of all qualitative and quantitative inputs and outputs (material and energy flows) of a fiscal year and their emission factors
  • Accounting for process emissions from chemical transformations
  • Allocation of emissions to products and energies by mass or stoichiometry


  • Competitive advantage through market positioning as a pioneer for chemical products certified to the PCF standard
  • Improved transparency to customers
  • Identification of savings measures to reduce GHG emissions

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