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Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) für Heubach Group
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Calculation of Product Carbon Footprints

The Heubach Group assigned ÖKOTEC with the calculation of Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for pigments. First, we created PCFs for three product groups as lighthouse projects, and we continued the creation of 13 PCFs of one product group in another project. Subsequently, we prepared the reports for TÜV certification according to ISO 14067, GHG Protocol and sector-specific guideline (TfS).

The Challenge

The Heubach Group produces organic, inorganic and corrosion-inhibiting pigments as well as pigment preparations, dyes and special materials at 19 sites worldwide. As part of the climate strategy, there was a desire to calculate Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs). Due to the extensive product portfolio and the complex production processes, external expertise was required for this purpose. A particular challenge was found in researching the emission factors for specific raw materials.

Dr. Thomas Lindner - Heubach Group

Calculating PCFs for our pigments is complex and it was challenging to obtain the appropriate emission factors. Thanks to the excellent support of the ÖKOTEC team, we were able to successfully overcome these challenges.


The Solution and Implementation

ÖKOTEC was requested to prepare PCFs in a three-step process.

Stage 1: Basics

  • Workshop to define the balance sheet framework for PCFs
  • Review of the boundary conditions (considering especially the value chain and identification of core processes)
  • Research for data collection and preparation of results
  • Development of a PCF checklist

Climate protection and energy transition

Stage 2: Lighthouse projects

Stage 3: Transfer


  • Increased integrity and credibility with customers
  • Facilitated development and implementation of GHG management strategies and plans
  • Ability to evaluate performance and progress in reducing GHG emissions

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