Maik Hillebrand Team Energieeffizienz


M.Eng. Maik Hillebrand

Maik Hillebrand studied Energy and Environmental Technology and Energy Efficiency of Technical Systems. He carries out energy analyses and energy audits in accordance with EDL-G, creates energy concepts and advises our clients on all aspects of public subsidy programs. His focus is on climate protection projects, in particular on carbon footprint calculations for companies and products.

 “I’m motivated every day by making an active contribution to climate protection, while elsewhere people just talk about it.“

About Maik Hillebrand

What client feedback motivated you the most?

It always motivates me when I can trigger an “aha” moment. Only recently, in a project, I was able to highlight which part of a product is linked to large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. With this knowledge, our client told me, he could take action and initiate targeted measures.

What are the biggest challenges our customers face in meeting climate protection targets?

Unsere KunOur customers often don’t have the time or the specific know-how to tackle these complex issues and tasks required to ultimately achieve climate protection goals.

My contribution to increasing energy efficiency and achieving climate protection goals:

MitWith my work, I uncover potentials for increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. I am able to highlight solutions, which will advance climate protection to decision-makers.

My expertise and focus areas