Municipal Utility

Städtische Werke Nürnberg GmbH, N-ERGIE AG

Comprehensive energy efficiency monitoring

N-ERGIE AG has various company sites in Nuremberg and has been using EnEffCo® with more than 500 license data points since 2016.

The Challenge

In its core businesses, Städtische Werke Nürnberg GmbH (StWN) is responsible for the supply of energy and water, public transport and real estate on behalf of the city of Nuremberg. StWN was looking for a software solution to increase the effectiveness of their energy management. A chief requirement was for the software to enable comprehensive energy efficiency controlling, especially at the subsidiary N-ERGIE.

By using EnEffCo® as our energy management software, we were able to repeatedly reduce energy costs and to improve energy efficiency at our sites.“

Martin Reuter
Head of Energy Management, proxy

The Solution

  • EnEffCo® supports energy management at several large company sites in Nuremberg.
  • EnEffCo® enables the real-time monitoring of systems and the automatic evaluation of energy consumption and KPIs.
  • The analysis function reveals abnormalities in operation and helps in implementing energy savings measures, for example at the pumping plant and the cooling center (datacenter).
  • Cumulative savings of energy costs: Over 300,000 € within 3 years.


  • Energy management and energy efficiency: Fulfillment of all requirements for a certified energy management system, especially data transparency for all utilities using KPIs; assessing, reporting and tracking energy savings projects.
  • Savings: Optimized energy usage; monitoring the success of energy savings projects.
  • Management & Compliance: Assurance of compliance with the ISO 50001 standard as well as increasing the internal acceptance of an EnMS through transparency.
  • Data visualisation: Dashboards customized to specific customer groups, providing highly informative charts on consumption, usage, and system efficiency.
Steffen Held Team Sales & Project Management

Steffen Held

Senior Account & Project Manager

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