Flexible energy management

Optimized charging of e-vehicles with EnEffCo®

E-Mobilität als Anwendungsfall für Flexibilitätsmanagement

Charging the electric vehicles results in potential savings that can be exploited as part of flexible energy management. Our case study shows the revenue opportunities that can be realized with small fleet service vehicles.

The importance of electrically powered vehicles is steadily increasing in both the private and commercial sectors. In the commercial environment, vehicle fleets are of particular importance. Charging electric vehicles creates potential that can be exploited in the context of flexible energy management. In the following case study, we show you the revenue opportunities that can already be realized today with small fleet service vehicles. The example includes not only the already widespread function for avoiding peak loads, but also the integration of the corresponding flexibilities into the electricity market.

Case study: Significant cost savings through optimized loading

E-Fahrzeugflotte an einem Standort

The result

Optimized charging strategies can result in significant savings in electricity procurement costs.

With a combined optimization on the day-ahead and intraday market, savings of up to 69 % are even possible in our example. The corresponding absolute results naturally scale for correspondingly larger fleets, even when distributed over several locations.

The basis and management for an optimized flexible energy management is the interface-open software solution EnEffCo® developed by ÖKOTEC.

Die Optimierung inkl. Prognose und Anbindung an die Vermarktungsplattform erfolgt mit EnEffCo®

More information

ÖKOTEC and EnEffCo® are partner of Windnode – Northeast German model region for intelligent energy

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If you are interested in an energy-economically optimized charging of your electric vehicle fleet or have questions about the corresponding purchase conditions with your utility, you can contact our flexible energy management experts.

Dr. Alexander Weber Team Energieeffizienz-Controlling

Dr. Alexander Weber

Team Lead EnEffCo® Software Architecture

Image: ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH