Team Lead EnEffCo® Software Architecture

Dr. Alexander Weber

Dr. Alexander Weber holds a doctorate in Industrial Engineering and is an expert on topics and projects related to the energy industry, digitalization and flexible energy management. The Team Lead EnEffCo® Software Architecture has a license for power exchange trading of the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and is part of the innovation and development team for the EnEffCo® software. In customer projects, Dr. Alexander Weber deals, among other projects, with intelligent vehicle charging at the Berlin city cleaning service (BSR) and the monitoring and control of the charging infrastructure for an automobile manufacturer.

“As an employer, ÖKOTEC is particularly characterized by creative and agile working. We are like a start-up, implementing things quickly and with plenty of room for creativity – but we are also very experienced in scaling up.“

About Dr. Alexander Weber

I chose my specialization because…

I have always been interested in technology and economics, because one always requires the other. In particular, innovations are never only technical, but must also always be economically viable.

If my work were a movie…

it would be called “live wire”: innovations in the field of tension between economics, technology and politics.

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