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ÖKOTEC implements intelligent vehicle loading at BSR

Flexibility management enables intelligent vehicle charging

BSR in Berlin charges its vehicles mainly at times of low electricity prices on the stock exchange – intelligent, flexible vehicle charging makes this possible. In addition, peak load management has been introduced.

ÖKOTEC and the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) have already worked closely together as part of the WINDNODE energy transition project. Now the partners are tackling smart charging of e-vehicles at seven BSR sites to optimize vehicle charging from an energy perspective: The vehicles are to be charged mainly at times of low exchange electricity prices. In addition – with the help of flexible vehicle charging – peak load management related to the entire property will be implemented in order to continue to ensure favorable grid usage conditions. In a further step, the connection to novel platforms for the provision of grid-serving flexibility will also be tested.

The project thus serves not only to reduce vehicle charging costs, but also to integrate e-vehicles as a flexible load in the energy supply system – another building block of the energy transition.

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