Measures to increase energy efficiency and natural gas substitution

Reducing natural gas consumption in industry

Overview Industrial Production - Holistic Optimization Approach

The impending supply shortage of natural gas at the beginning or even before the heating period and the emergency gas plan of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) are currently forcing industrial companies to act quickly. Based on their expertise from over 2,000 projects with industry clients, ÖKOTEC consultants collated an overview of key activities, as well as a collection of measures designed to increase energy efficiency and to identify potential natural gas substitutes.

Usage of natural gas for process and space heating

Germany produces only six percent of its total gas consumption.[1] All remaining gas is imported from Russia, Norway, and the Netherlands.[2] The industrial sector was responsible for 37 percent of the national natural gas consumption in 2021, a significant part of it being for process heat.[3] The industrial sectors with the highest gas consumption for energy in Germany are basic chemicals, paper, metal production, as well as glass and ceramics production.[4] 

Heating applications account for around half of final energy consumption in the commercial, trade and services sectors. Space heating is responsible for around half of the overall final energy consumption.[5]

Holistic approach for long-term energy and cost savings

The requirements and challenges in the various sectors and at production sites are high and very specific. In a joint project, our experts can work with you to develop concrete and tangible approaches for increasing energy efficiency and for shaping your energy transition while harnessing suitable public funding programs.

In a project, we consider all relevant areas: Energy consumption, generation and distribution of energy media, optimization of energy procurement as well as corresponding laws and regulations.

Based on these areas, you will find an overview of simple and complex measures, ranging from process conversion to energy-efficient media and the use of mobile heat transfer storage systems to the admixture of green hydrogen to natural gas.

List of measures to increase energy efficiency

We have compiled a comprehensive overview of key actions and a collection of measures designed to increase energy efficiency and identify possible natural gas substitutes.

  • Introduction
  • Energy use
  • Energy distribution
  • Energy supply
  • Overarching measures
  • Subsidies

Download our list of measures to reduce natural gas consumption in industry (German)

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