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ÖKOTEC involved in the WindNODE model project

ÖKOTEC ist Partner bei WindNODE

WindNODE was selected as one of the 5 model regions under the BMWi’s SINTEG funding program. Model solutions for the 100 percent regenerative, intelligent energy system of the future are being worked on there.

WindNODE stands for the efficient integration of large-scale renewable generation capacities, power grids and energy users on the basis of digital networking. WindNODE is the showcase for the German capital region and northeastern Germany, where the energy turnaround made in Germany is vividly presented to the national and international public. Innovative, user-oriented Industry 4.0 products and services are tested here in a large-scale real laboratory in order to mature for the mass market and export.

Digitalization interface

The energy transition needs ICT solutions that create standardized interfaces in an increasingly decentralized energy system, ensure data protection and data security, and act as a “switching point for digitization”. In the WindNODE concept, the ICT platform forms a bracket that connects generators and users, the power grid and markets, and orchestrates flexibilities (e.g., shiftable industrial loads, power-to-heat and cooling systems, electromobility).

WindNODE connects companies with energy users

WindNODE connects leading companies in the energy industry, information and communications technology with diverse energy users from industry, commerce and private households. It is coordinated by the transmission system operator 50Hertz. A total of 60 project partners are on board, 44 of whom are involved in fixed project projects. In addition, there are 16 other “associated” partners who contribute their expertise and support as needed in the form of individual contributions.

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