How do retail companies become climate neutral?

Leitfaden: Wie wird der Einzelhandel klimaneutral?

The HDE (German Retail Association) and ÖKOTEC are publishing a free guide that offers retail companies an introduction to climate protection management. The compact guide explains practically which steps retailers take to become climate neutral.

The free guide published this month shows retail companies the most important levers in corporate climate protection. In addition to on-site greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 1), the focus is also on the GHG backpack, e.g., from purchasing (Scope 2 and 3). The guide also classifies the topic of voluntary offsetting and offers tips and tricks for the responsible selection of a climate protection project.  

The challenges of the industry

Small and medium-sized retail companies are confronted with the challenge of quickly familiarizing themselves with the complex topic of climate protection, making decisions and taking appropriate steps within the company. In the case of retail companies – depending on the product range and distribution model – the topics of energy efficiency of lighting and ventilation systems, climate-friendly cooling systems and refrigerants, the electrification of the vehicle fleet, and in-house generation or the purchase of energy from renewable energy sources, among others, play an essential role. In negotiations with suppliers, in turn, the carbon footprint of purchased goods becomes an important purchasing criterion and should be continuously improved in cooperation with producers. Since retail companies are in direct and close contact with their customers, transparent communication of emission reduction targets, measures and the compensation of GHG emissions through offsetting is of high importance.

“If all stakeholders in the value chain get their GHG emissions under control locally, the goal will have been achieved. With a long-term perspective, the Klingemann fashion house is also tackling ambitious measures that need a little more time before they pay off. Through purchasing, retailers can create incentives for climate protection if consumers honor this.”

Susanne Schmidt Almeida, Senior Consultant, ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH

Susanne Schmidt Almeida, Juliane Zenke and Georg Ratjen from ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH developed the guide in close cooperation with the HDE Climate Protection Campaign (German) team headed by Jelena Nikolic. Ariane Skibbe from design for you provided the professional and appealing graphic design.

The retail climate protection offensive offers member companies a wide range of support, including digital workshops, online tools such as the energy or investment check, and a variety of best-practice examples.

The guide to climate neutrality in the retail sector at a glance

Further information on climate neutrality in the retail sector

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