Samuel Grab Team Energieeffizienz


M.Sc. Samuel Grab

Samuel Grab holds a Master of Science in Renewable Energies and Energy Systems Engineering. In client projects, he is particularly involved in renewable energy concepts, energy saving measures and the introduction and operation of energy management systems. Working at ÖKOTEC opens up many exciting and varied opportunities for Samuel Grab to actively contribute to a more sustainable economy.  

“Showing our customers sustainable and actionable solutions motivates me every day.“

About Samuel Grab

What client feedback motived you the most?

One of my clients asked if I could continue to support the business full time after the project.

I chose my field because….

I find it exciting to solve technical challenges and think that there is an incredible need for small and large (often) technical solutions to achieve the climate protection goals.

What is your contribution to the success of the energy transition?

Whenever possible, I try to avoid flights, ride my bike and take the train, and eat very little meat.   

My expertise and focus areas