Managing Director

Dipl. Business Education Olaf Kipp

Olaf Kipp is both Managing Director at ÖKOTEC Energiemanagment and Managing Director of the main shareholder, Veolia Energie Deutschland GmbH. His core areas are international sales and international business development. A graduate in business education, he has many years of professional experience in various management positions in the energy sector in Germany and abroad. Together with his team, he tailors innovative solutions for international markets based on the EnEffCo®software.

“Energy efficiency is an integral part of resource efficiency. This makes ÖKOTEC a crucial partner for Veolia Group’s holistic service approach.”

About Olaf Kipp

What is special about working at ÖKOTEC?

The creative team and the combination of technical expertise and digital experts. And the focus on forward-looking, value-added topics.

What client feedback motived you on the most?

A client, a plant manager from a food company, called me directly when he changed employers. He wanted to continue the good and trusting partnership regarding the holistic plant optimization at the new locations, which now fell under his responsibility. 

In your view, what are the biggest challenges our customers face in meeting climate protection targets and how can ÖKOTEC contribute to this?

Clients always ask me three essential questions: What does it cost? What is in it for me? And can you guarantee it? EnEffCo® offers data/ KPI transparently, in MWh, Euro (currency) and CO2. This solves one of the customer’s biggest problems in both a detailed and consolidated format. These real-time data outputs enable both specialist department and senior management. As a reliable partner for our clients, we also help to manage the complexity of the issue. To use the words of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we stand for “partnerships for goals”!

My expertise and focus areas