Senior Consultant

M.Sc. Mareike Rösler

Mareike Rösler is a project manager for energy efficiency and climate protection projects and accompanies research and development projects as well as campaigns. As a geographer, she is very focused on advancing the topics energy efficiency and climate protection in companies and in everyday life. Mareike Rösler has many years of experience in the organization, implementation, moderation and communication of events on the topics of energy efficiency, renewable energies, environmental technologies and subsidies. She is currently overseeing the establishment of a coordination office for energy efficiency and climate protection and is responsible for initiating formats for exchange and networking.

At ÖKOTEC, there are many exciting projects, which accelerate climate protection and energy efficiency. I am very motivated to be a part of that.

About Mareike Rösler

What are the biggest challenges for our clients to meet climate protection targets and how can ÖKOTEC help to solve this?

Particularly in small and medium-sized companies with scarce personnel and time resources, it is often difficult to tackle this extensive topic and to stay on the ball in the long term. This is where we can support our customers with our experts, develop tailored energy efficiency measures with them and keep the budget as small as possible by advising on subsidies. In addition, we keep putting the issue of climate protection on the agenda through long-standing client relationships and network formats.

If my work were a movie…

it would be a Marvel movie, because we fight together with cool skills for the good cause. And just like with the credits, at the end of a project we also give our clients an outlook on how we can further advance energy efficiency.

My expertise and focus areas