Head of EnEffCo® Operations

Dipl. Eng. Jurek Melsheimer

Jurek Melsheimer studied Mechanical Engineering with a focus on renewable energies. As Head of EnEffCo® Operations, he and his team are responsible for the smooth introduction and application of the EnEffCo® software. Jurek Melsheimer has played a key role in the development and market launch of EnEffCo®. He coordinates the development of new features and modules, combining technological trends with requirements and requests of our users. His specialist subject are complex projects in terms of IT requirements, interfaces, data analysis and processing.

“ÖKOTEC offers me a diverse work environment with new challenges every day – from software development to the implementation of projects and efficiency improvements.“

About Jurek Melsheimer

What motivates me in my work…

the consistently new, interesting and exciting requirements from EnEffCo® users and the ideas and concepts from the team that make EnEffCo® grow into a evermore powerful tool.

My contribution to increasing energy efficiency and achieving climate protection goals:

Many potentials and optimization opportunities are only visible when a complex aggregation of data from different sources is possible. The EnEffCo® software and team make a significant contribution by creating tools for the transparent presentation of saving potentials and with implemented measures and adjustments.

My Publications

My expertise and focus areas