André Presser arbeitet als Consultant Energy Markets an der technischen und ökonomischen Modellierung und Bewertung von Energiesystemen.

Consultant Energy Markets

Dipl. Eng. André Presser

André Presser has been working at ÖKOTEC since 2021 as Consultant Energy Markets on the technical and economic modeling and evaluation of energy systems. Both, his degree in Energy Engineering and his studies in Economics contribute to the success of his projects.

 “At ÖKOTEC, I can be innovative, collaborate with clients and make a critical difference in climate protection within industry.”

About André Presser

In your view, what are the biggest challenges our clients are facing in meeting climate protection targets and how can ÖKOTEC help to solve this?

Companies are facing increasingly complex production systems and supply structures, and the uncertainty in forecasting is also growing. Who wants to make informed decisions, won’t get anywhere with tools, but needs intelligent and connected IT systems. I see our task as designing such systems and tailoring them to their users.

My expertise and focus areas