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Efficiency monitoring with energy performance indicators

Whitepaper Effizienzcontrolling und -optimierung mit Energiekennzahlen

A management system without performance indicators is like the Olympic Games without a stopwatch and a meter. With global performance indicators for the company (top-down), you can track and reflect on developments in the company as a whole. Efficiency monitoring should also provide precise statements for supply technologies and production processes (monitoring, benchmarking, etc.). The basis for this are key figures at plant level (bottom-up).

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to set up or optimize energy efficiency monitoring with suitable energy performance indicators. We also give you a systematic overview of objectives and system limits, data concepts, visualization of key figures, and implementation in energy efficiency monitoring. A checklist shows the most important criteria for selecting a suitable software.

Whitepaper: Efficiency monitoring and optimization with energy performance indicators

For detailed information, we have created a free whitepaper that is available for download below:

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