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Energy efficiency network Berlin plus saves 22,000 t CO2

network energy efficiency saves CO2

Eleven companies from Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt implemented more than 190 energy-saving projects over the last three years, reducing their CO2 emissions by around 22,000 tons. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 1.76 million trees.

The measures implemented include technical and organizational measures such as the installation of frequency-controlled pumps and automated controls for air conditioning and ventilation systems, heat recovery in compressed air generation, and the optimization of production processes. Optimizing washing and cleaning processes in filling plants also reduces the consumption of water and cleaning agents.

The medium-sized company Moll Marzipan GmbH is one of the pioneers of networking in Berlin and has now been involved for ten years.

“We have learned that energy-saving opportunities are always arising in our operations. Every change in the production process or the installation of new equipment results in an optimization of energy consumption. The impetus for this comes from networking. Our team has internalized this energy efficiency idea over the years. This benefits the company and the climate.”

Dr. Armin Seitz, Managing Director Moll Marzipan GmbH

Energy Efficiency Network Berlin plus enters third extension

The successful cooperation within the network has convinced the company representatives to enter into a further extension. Three more Berlin companies are new to the network: Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co, KfW Bankengruppe (Berlin branch) and ADM WILD Europe GmbH & Co. KG. ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH and BEHRENDS CONSULT have been managing the energy efficiency network since 2010 under the auspices of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK and Berlin-Brandenburg business associations.

“In addition to CO2 avoidance, the participants benefit from other effects of the trusting cooperation: “Whether it’s talking shop about tips and tricks around measures or that the participants prepare each other for the certification of the company’s energy management system.”

Johann Behrends (Behrends Consult) and Roland Berger (ÖKOTEC)

The members of the energy efficiency network Berlin plus:

Background information: What is an energy efficiency network?

A network is a systematic and targeted exchange of experience and ideas between usually eight to 15 companies or company locations. The participating companies meet three to four times a year (all day) over a period of three years. The aim of the networks is, among other things, to increase energy efficiency or reduce CO2 emissions. Networks are organized in the Initiative Energieeffizienz-Netzwerke (IEEN), an association of leading associations and organizations. The formation of energy efficiency networks is anchored in the German government’s National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency (NAPE). The aim is to save up to six million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year by the end of 2025.

Your contact persons

Network participation is still possible: Interested companies can contact the initiators of the Berlin plus energy efficiency network directly.

Mareike Hoffmann Team Marketing and Business Development

Mareike Hoffmann

Head of Climate Management & Communications

Behrends Consult

Johann Behrends

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