Energy Efficiency Networks

Successful North-East Network enters second round

Successful Network Nord-Ost to be continued

During the three-year network period, the 13 participating companies achieved savings of up to ten percent of their respective energy consumption. In total, the participants implemented around 80 individual measures during the network period.

The focus was on the cross-sectional technologies of heating, cooling, compressed air and air conditioning. One participant, for example, integrated the heating into the waste heat circuit of the CHP unit and thus achieved savings of around 600,000 kWh per year – while at the same time reducing the reactive power by 80 percent.

Our ÖKOTEC experts Wolfgang Brettl and Georg Ratjen accompanied the network over the past three years as energy technology consultants. The topics discussed in the network were inspired by ÖKOTEC and tailored to the individual interests of the participants. “At the request of the participants, we present at least one innovative idea or start-up at each network meeting so that those responsible for energy can always take the latest developments into account when implementing energy efficiency measures in their companies,” explains Steffen Held, network moderator at ÖKOTEC.

New approaches through critical plant inspection and resource efficiency

Also through the know-how from the parent company Veolia, ÖKOTEC has put the topic of resource efficiency on the agenda of the network meetings in order to initiate savings in further areas. For example, two participants are already using the BerkeLYT catalyst developed by Veolia and presented in the network. These catalysts effectively remove biology from water-bearing technical systems in an environmentally friendly manner, thus maintaining hygiene, operational safety and energy efficiency.

The participants were also motivated by the newly introduced “critical plant inspection” to make their operations more efficient. Each of the four network meetings per year takes place at a participant’s site. Here, the operation is inspected together and evaluated in a feedback round.

All network participants are absolutely convinced of the added value of the meetings and thus also started unitedly into a next network round.

The network’s participants are energy-intensive companies from Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony:

Steffen Held Team Sales & Project Management

Steffen Held

Senior Account & Project Manager

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    The formation of energy efficiency networks is anchored in the German government’s National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency (NAPE). By the end of 2020, a saving of 75 PJ primary energy or 5 million t GHG emissions is targeted. ÖKOTEC currently accompanies ten networks as network executing agency, energy technical advisor and moderator within the framework of the Initiative Energy Efficiency Networks (IEEN).

    Image: Group photo network meeting Lübzer Brewery, © ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH