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Energy efficiency funding competition for climate protection

On November 17, 2020, the eighth round of the competition under the “Federal Funding for Energy Efficiency in Business – Funding Competition” ended. Companies from a variety of sectors submitted numerous energy-efficient measures and intend to invest around €19.5 million in increasing energy efficiency. The companies are thus taking advantage of the opportunity to also implement energy efficiency projects with longer payback periods and save around 16,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The central criterion for ranking in the competition is the subsidy efficiency, i.e. the requested subsidies per ton of CO2 saved. The higher the CO2 savings achieved by an energy saving compared to the subsidy amount, the better the chances in the competition.

Inspiration for product ideas

The energy efficiency funding competition is open to private companies of all technologies, industries and sectors. Subsidies are available for investment measures that sustainably reduce energy consumption and would only pay off after a period of at least four years (energy cost-related payback period) without funding. Inspirations for eligible measures are available on the website under project ideas and practical examples (German).

New competition round at the beginning of 2021

The energy efficiency funding competition is part of the Climate Protection program 2030 and is designed to help increase energy efficiency in the industrial sector and reduce CO. The next round will start on January 18, 2021. Applicants can apply for funding of up to 50 percent (without subsidy cap, no de minimis limit) by March 17, 2021 at the latest.

Note: If the available round budget is oversubscribed by 50 percent before the application deadline, the competition round may be closed earlier. Unsuccessful applications can be resubmitted in subsequent rounds of the competition.

You can find more information under the heading of competition rounds (German).

Updated fact sheets and a revised saving concept will be available to applicants at the beginning of 2021 available under the section Application (German).

What is changing?

In the coming competition rounds, ÖKOTEC as part of the project management consortium is not going to review the applications anymore, but is going to provide support solely in the further development of the program and the marketing of topics.

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