Project Manager

MBA Lea Sauer

Lea Sauer studied cultural studies and entrepreneurship and works for us as a project manager. In EnEffCo® projects, she acts as a communicative interface between our customers, our consultants and our sales team to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Lea Sauer enjoys catalyzing processes in the project by creating an overview, moderating interests between the project participants, and documenting lessons learned.

When it comes to increasing energy efficiency, I’m just a small cog in the wheel, but I always turn a bit forward when a customer actually succeeds in saving energy and conserving resources thanks to the implementation of EnEffCo®.

About Lea Sauer

What are the biggest challenges for our customers in meeting climate protection targets?

The biggest challenge for our customers is to put the issue on the company agenda as a central organizational goal. In other words, to consider the long-term contribution to preserving our global well-being as at least as important as meeting conventional quarterly and annual business targets.

ÖKOTEC contributes to this by…

providing an external view, capturing the current state and co-define the target state. We contribute best practices, help to take the first practical steps of implementation and thus advance the in-house processes.

If my work were a movie…

it would be called “Groundhog Day”. For our customers, the introduction of EnEffCo® often represents a large, new project with many unknowns. I bring in the experience of many previous EnEffCo® implementations and contribute to a happy end.

My expertise and focus areas