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Senior Consultant, Team Leader

M.Sc. Georg Ratjen

Georg Ratjen is Senior Consultant and Team Leader and is responsible for the product “Projects with Ministries” and the topic “Energy Performance Indicators” at ÖKOTEC. He has many years of experience in the implementation of energy and climate protection projects, especially in the areas of consulting, campaigns, seminars and workshops. Currently, he is in charge of the BVE climate protection campaign of the food industry at ÖKOTEC. The industrial engineer is involved as a member of the DIN working committee for energy efficiency and energy management and is a lecturer for IT-supported energy controlling at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

“I’m particularly motivated by the creative process in projects and the great amount of freedom and very high level of expertise within the team.“

About Georg Ratjen

Feedback from a customer that particularly motivated me:

An industry partner in the project “EnPI-Connect – Energy Performance Indicators for Monitoring and Benchmarking” concluded his report at a large final event with the words: “We are now rolling out the method for energy performance indicators throughout the company. Many thanks to ÖKOTEC”. This statement in front of such a large audience, including the State Secretary of the Ministry for the Environment, really pleased me and spurred me on. By the way, the materials are downloadable on the ÖKOTEC website free of charge.

I chose my field of study because….

I wanted to study something with added social value. Besides, I couldn’t decide between “reading”, “writing” and “arithmetic”. Later, I added “consulting”, “training”, “moderating” as well as “planning” and “developing”. As an industrial engineer, I’m able to reconcile all of these things. I am very happy to have studied exactly this field.

ÖKOTEC contributes to the achievement of energy and climate protection goals by…

finding suitable solutions in on-site consultations and with the data analysis in EnEffCo®. We also help with financing by providing advice on subsidies. We train our clients’ employees, expand their thinking patterns and mobilize their strengths for effective, participative climate protection management.

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