EnEffCo® Consultant

M.Eng. Erik Piehler

Erik Piehler studied Electrical Engineering and Applied Automation and, as an EnEffCo® Consultant, implements our energy efficiency controlling software with our customers. His areas of expertise are interfaces and the integration of complex IT systems. In addition, he enjoys providing consulting and training services and supporting users in optimizing the operation of EnEffCo®. Through monitoring with EnEffCo® and target group-specific reports, he supports companies in obtaining transparency of energy data and energy consumption and in raising awareness for their behaviors and usages.

“At ÖKOTEC, I can actively contribute to a better future. I want my children to get to know a planet as beautiful as I was able to, and here I can work on that.”

About Erik Piehler

I studied Electrical Engineering and Applied Automation because…

I quickly realized that I have a great interest in electronics, software and networked systems. To be able to use that expertise to make our future greener is, of course, the jackpot.

ÖKOTEC contributes to this by…

providing companies with better access to their own data through EnEffCo®, relieving the burden on energy managers and allowing decision makers from these specialist departments to concentrate on their core tasks.

If my work were a movie…

It would be called “Lord of the Rings – The Companions”: A group of specialists develops solutions that help maintain the ecological balance for the continued existence of society and to oppose the overpowering danger of climate change.

My expertise and focus areas